In Pythagoras 2021 we will introduce a new high performance image format (.PTIF). When importing a Geotiff for example, the file will be converted to a .PTIF file and be linked to the drawing in which it is imported.

All imported image formats will be converted to this new format. Also web services (WMTS, WMS) will use this new image format.

The old .IMG format used in olderĀ Pythagoras drawings will not be converted in Pythagoras 2021. The new .PTIF format cannot be read by older versions of Pythagoras.

This means that when a Pythagoras 2021 drawing is stored as an older version, the image will be lost.

As from Pythagoras 2021 the old .IMG format will never be used again.

The most important improvements are:

  • Better compression and decompression.
  • Multi resolution rendering
  • Performance boost on all scales
  • Can be viewed and used in other applications


The following video shows how this works: