In Pythagoras 2021 you will have the possibility to design a single polyline that has no relevant height into a polyline with chosen slope and height parameters.

By selecting a polyline you will have access to the "Design - Polyline/Path Elevations - Slope based" and "Design - Polyline/Path Elevations - Elevation based"  options in the "Calculation" menu. These functions will also be accessible via right-clicking after selecting the polyline.

After activation you will be able to add the following parameters to the polyline:

  • Slope
  • Start height
  • End height
  • Height difference between start and endpoint

Depending on what fields are filled in, others may be filled in automatically. For example, when you choose a slope and start height. The end height and height differences are calculated based on the given parameters.


The following video shows how designing a single polyline works: