Pythagoras will always show a topview of all drawings as standard.

There is a possibility to project an entire or part of a drawing to a front view.

This can be done as follows:

  • Your drawing could look like this:

  • We differentiate two situations. In situation 1 we want a frontview of the magenta wall. In situation 2 of the blue wall.
  • Create your own coordinate system with the function "Create coordinate system"


IMPORTANT! The created coordinate system needs to be perfectly parallel to the objects you want to project into a front view. If this is not the case, the distances between the projected points will not be correct in the projected drawing!

  • In the magenta situation, you create a coordinate system from left to right. In the blue situation, from right to left. In both cases you first click CS1 and then CS2.
  • If you create the coordinate system in the blue situation from left to right, then the frontview will be mirrored, compared to the real-world situation.

From now on we proceed with the example of the magenta situation!

  • You make sure the created coordinate system is active by clicking and selecting it in the control panel (red rectangle).

  • By clicking and holding the left mouse button you can check if the created coordinate system is correct (see image below).

  • Now you select all objects you want to project and you choose in the menu "Edit - Copy - Pythagoras Clipboard".
  • Open a new drawing.
  • In the new drawing choose "Edit - Paste Special"
  • The following menu appears:

  • You tick the box "Z -> Y; -Y -> Z" and click "OK".
  • The selected part of the drawing will be projected in a new drawing and will show a frontview.