With the new conversion manager we want to give users the possibility to set up a conversion map when importing a DXF or DWG.

This function will allow users to convert objects with certain properties to the same object type with other properties.

In the conversion manager, rules can be setup for:

  • Points
  • Lines
  • Polygons

The following properties can be influenced by using the conversion manager:

  • Color
  • Layer
  • Comment
  • Scale
  • Style
  • ...

Every conversion map (a set of conversion rules) can be shared via export and import in de main window of the conversion map manager.


A point has layer "Test" and color "Blue". 

Using the conversion manager you can create a rule that, all points in layer "Test" with the "Blue" color, will be converted to points in layer "New" with a "Red" color and a comment that contains "Converted".


The following video shows how to use the conversion manager: