Apart from the big new features, some extra tools requested by our customers are implemented as well. Be sure to test them out by yourself! 


AnnotationsLine annotation will reconnect to points when line is deleted.
AnnotationsObject orientation of annotation will be copied if attributes are copied.
Coordinate systemJapan Geodetic Datum 2000 (EPSG 4612) and Tokyo (epsg 4301) are supported.
Defaults/SettingsAnnotation type can be set as a default annotation.
DTMNew triangulation algorithm is implemented.
DTM Covered area in the DTM Volume Calculation is mentioned in report.
DTMVolume calculation shows the sum of cut and fill.
DTMWhen deleting a DTM with right mouseclick, a warning pops up.
DTMDTM calculations are possible on inactive DTM .
DWG/DXF import/exportPossibility to choose new default folder for ptifs.
SearchPossibility to search annotation objects based on content of the annotation.
Object AttributesPlaceholder  ^u mentions the active view.
PrintPrinting multiple sheets with different subdocuments in default view is possible.
ToolsWhen extending a line the complete length of the line instead of the delta x can be set.
Center points of circles can be created after right click on circle.
InterfaceFirst and last part of very large layer names are shown in drop down menu of layers in default attributes.