The dialog box for cross sections has been revised to give you more freedom to create Cross Sections.

The settings are sorted in four new tabs:

- The 'Cross Sections' tab

- The 'Profile' tab

- The 'Records' tab

- The 'Layout' tab

In this last tab, we've introduced the possibility to save your cross sections directly to a new sheet in the existing drawing. Choose the option 'New sheet' and give your scheets a name. If the name is already in your drawing or if you want to regenerate your cross sections, you can choose to overwrite the existing sheets.

To automate this process even further, you can choose to add a prototype drawing, so all the generated sheets will automatically get the layout that you desire. 

In your prototype drawing, you can add a (hidden) point with a specific point number to determine the bottom left position of the cross section. Make sure to write this number in the 'Layout' tab and generate your sheets. In this way, profiles are automatically placed in the correct position on the sheet.